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How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener Flat Iron


Hair straighteners or flat irons are small electrical appliances women use to straighten their wavy or curvy hair. There are many brands and models available in retail stores and online. However, based on user opinions, some brands are better than others.

If you want to chose the right hair straightener flat iron for your own styling needs, you can look at what other people say about their experiences with the specific models they’ve tried or own.

Hair Type & Condition

When reading a review about a specific hair straightener or flat iron, look for a review by a person who may have the same type of hair you also have. For example, a reviewer may mention having curvy wavy coarse thick medium length hair. Reviewers may also mention the condition their hair is in, whether frizzy or dry. If they say their flat iron worked on their hair type or condition, then chances are it may also work for you.


Most hair straightener flat irons heat up to temperature quickly or usually in less than a minute. Some can straighten and dry wet or damp hair making blow drying optional. If you are always in a rush to get out of the house, then many brands have features that eliminate or reduce the time you spend on your hair.

Price, Results and Reliability

Deciding on the right hair straightener flat iron is a balancing act. There are inexpensive $20 common brands sold in discount chains and drugstores, and then there are expensive $200 celebrity endorsed salon quality brands available at specific beauty supply shops or online.

People’s opinion vary about the effectiveness and reliability of a flat iron based on price or brand. In general, the mid range priced hair straighteners seem to provide the best overall results. You’ll find complaints about a flat iron regardless of the brand. Sometimes you’ll notice praise for the inexpensive brands. If you want to be practical, get the inexpensive brand with positive remarks. If you want to have something to chat about, get the one your friends own and continue bonding with them.


When innovative manufacturers of hair straightener flat irons introduce new technology or designs into their models, other manufacturers seem to copy and add those features into their own products. For example, most of the flat irons today include ceramic coated hot plates as a standard feature.

However, not all the best features are standard equipment. For example, only some brands or models include Tourmaline crystals in their ceramic hot plates to provide negative ions that seal the cuticles allowing the hair to retain moisture. Not all brands have variable heat settings to control temperature. And only a handful of flat irons will shut themselves off automatically.

With so many brands and features available in flat irons today, the wise thing to do is choose the one that suits your hair type, lifestyle and budget.

Copyright ? 2008 by Wanda Lam