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5 Vital Pointers to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair


A few decades ago, people who dyed their hair were probably doing so to cover their graying strands. But today, a lot of individuals are coloring their hair to enhance their looks and make them more beautiful. In fact, some people even wear dyes that were previously considered outrageous, such as green, pink and orange colors, to stand out from the crowd and to express their individuality.

Whatever your reason for coloring your hair, you ought to read the following pointers in order to help you succeed in dyeing your hair flawlessly.

1. Be Sure To Choose A Dye That Contains Conditioner

Although the ingredients of most hair dyes are relatively safe for your skin, you really cannot be sure if they would not harm your hair. Thus, your first line of defense against hair damage as a result of hair dyeing is to find one that has conditioning properties. If you use such a product, you will be assured that your hair would be protected.

2. Don’t Forget To Do The Patch Test

Hair dyes might have ingredients or components that may cause allergies in some people. Although the common symptoms of allergy from hair dyes are redness, itchiness and inflammation, there are rare cases when allergic reactions are more serious like, for instance, hair loss. If you do not want to suffer from untoward and annoying allergy-related problems, you better do a patch test, preferably in an area at the back of your ear or on your neck at least a day or two before you dye your hair.

3. Be Careful With Choosing The Hair Color

If you are not an adventurous type of person and you just want to change your looks a little, it would be best to choose a color that is about 2 hues lighter or darker than your present hair color. If you want to cover your graying hair, however, you might want to look at the color guide at the back of most hair dye products to see what shades will give you the most natural and appropriate coverage.

4. Don’t Condition Your Hair Before Dyeing

It is utterly important that you wash your hair before you put on a hair dye so that oils and dirt will not affect the absorption and outcome of your hair dye. But remember to skip the conditioner just before you color your hair because there are components in conditioners that might prevent the hair from absorbing the hair color. However, if you already have damaged hair, it is alright to condition your hair at least 24 hours before you apply the hair dye.

5. Use Protective Gear Always

Hair-coloring kits usually include protective implements like hand gloves. They are included for a reason, so you must use them. It is also advisable that you protect your hairline, neck and other parts of the body that might be exposed when you are applying your dye. Remember that these products might be hard to remove from your skin a few hours or days after you finished the application.

Follow the pointers above and you will surely find that applying hair color can be such a breeze. By the way, if the reason why you are dying your hair is to look young, you may also want to do something about your wrinkles. A product that can help you maintain smooth and younger-looking skin is Dermaxin.