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Rhinoplasty - Make-Up Advice After Surgery


Not happy with your nose? No problem! Today rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed today. You can get rid of that unsightly ridge or smooth down that bulbous tip. The procedure is short and very safe. And you can really start to see the results in a matter of weeks or months.

Wait! Is that really weeks or months? Yes, and during the healing process you may experience noticeable bruising, swelling, and discoloration. How do you deal with all that while waiting for your perfect nose to appear? The answer is make-up! Cosmetics today are made with great quality and versatility, affording you the comfort of covering up those healing nose job blues. Or purples. Or blacks. Or whatever color they may be.

The first step is to make sure you have the okay from your plastic surgeon. You are not typically permitted to apply any make-up for a day or two after the surgery, but then again, you will probably not be feeling ready to go back to work and your typical social scenes during that time anyway. Once you do have your doctor’s approval, the most important thing is to practice good hygiene and fastidiously clean the make-up off your nose each night. You should also make sure all your brushes and applicators are free of contaminants as well. If not, some bacteria could get into your incision lines and cause infection and increased swelling - the exact opposite of your design! Remember to keep it clean!

Here are the keys to successful post-rhinoplasty make-up:

A concealer is designed to block out blemishes that are darker or deeper than a normal foundation could cover. For this reason, concealers are nice and thik, sometimes even paste-like, allowing you to hide the nose job bruises and rhinoplasty surgery lines. Then apply a layer of foundation for best results. The trick is to find a concealer that is a good match to your skin color and that is waterproof for durability. You can pick it out even before the plastic surgery because you need to match it to your normal skin color, not to any discolorations that may be caused by the procedure.

Color Correctors
In some cases, you may do better with color concealers. These are meant to counteract the color of any bruising. For instance, if you have red bruises and discoloration, you should use a green corrector to neutralize the warm tones. If your discolorations are more yellow in tint, a lavender purple corrector can bring your skin color back to normal. Again, these should be followed by a layer of foundation.

Foundation itself can be used to work a few wonders on a red and puffy, yet healing nose. You can buy a few different shades of foundation to create an illusion of a thinner, less swollen nose. Start by applying a line of light foundation (perhaps one or two shades lighter than your normal color) right down the center of your nose. This will attract the light and attention to this part. Then create “shadows” by applying lines of darker foundation down the sides of your nose, and blend them into the lighter, top color.

Your nose will be looking attractive and shapely in its own right within a few months. Until then, some great color and form defining cosmetics will be your best friends!