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Am I Beautiful?


I know this is a question you ask every person you ever see. Even if the words do not actually come our of your mouth, its a question that we women scream at the top of our lungs hoping that someone will be quick to reply with a surprised yes, and then shower us with compliments of how beautiful our eyes are, and like the movies, describe each shade of color in them and how breath taking they are when the sun hits them, but in all reality, that does not happen too often…if not at all. Therefore, we always wonder, are we beautiful? I am here to give you some answers of what real beauty is and tell you that yes, you are beautiful.

So we break out from time to time, we’re 2’s,4’s,6’s,10’s,12’s…, and some of us have cute little noses while some of us cannot wait until daddy pays for that plastic surgery…the point..we are not satisfied by ourselves. We always want to change something or have what someone else has, but I have really learned that I am beautiful, I am unique, and I will be quite happy to tell you why and how I think that. First of all, I had to stop comparing myself to others, I had to learn that beauty is as beauty does and actually learn the meaning of such a saying, and lastly, I had to let God be my mirror. I know you have heard some of these before, but its time for us to let these words saturate us and not just skim the surface. We have to become beauties at heart.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

We all do it. I am 5.1, I have a size 2 1/2 foot, I have a round face, and my hair is a hybrid of wavy and straight hair. I have often wished I was 5.5, I had a size 6 foot, and I had a cute oval face, and either straight or wavy hair, though I do love curly. Like most others I have also wished to have a model’s complexion and curves, but we have to stop wanting and wanting, and start enjoying. There is no point for me to have those things I wish that I had, because right when i actually get them, I will want something else, and once again, the endless cycle of wanting and wishing would begin all over again. Learn to appreciate what you have, because YOU have it. YOU have the unusual eyes, or the curly hair, or the 2 1/2 size foot and it makes you unique to not look like other women. We have to stop comparing ourselves to other, and learn to be confident and pleased with ourselves. If this is really hard for you, I would suggest you to look in the mirror and find at least 5 things that you like about yourself, not according to the media or magazines. I just said in a speech most recently that beauty cannot be restricted to one face, one image, or one body type because people do not have just one face, one image, or one body type. Do not let the society around you tell you what is and what is not beautiful. Be yourself and look yourself.

Beauty is as beauty does

My mom has been telling me this endlessly for years, and only just now have I actually learned what this means. How many of us have met some girl who we thought was just beautiful, but after five minutes of talking to her we could swear that the grim reaper was just behind that thick and perfectly groomed hair? Yeah, well i certainly hope that I am not a monster in disguise and I hope you do not want to be either. In first peter 3:4 it says “But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious”. It is not the makeup or the clothes that makes us beautiful, it is our hearts, also, “charm is deceitful and beauty is vein but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 30:31. We have t0 realize that one day our perfect skin is going to, excuse the visual, sag and wrinkle. Those pretty blues are going to be as blind as a bat, and your teeth which are so straight and white, are going to turn yellow and perhaps fall out one by one until your reduced to dentures. Time is our worst enemy, I know, but it is inevitable that one day we are not going to be “beautiful” in the eyes of men.

When your outer beauty is gone, will your reputation of being beautiful be gone too? I hope not. I hope that people see your generosity, your willingness to help people in need, your heart for Christ, and your “gentle and quiet spirit”.

Let God be your mirror

Stop looking at the mirror in your bathroom to tell you if your “beautiful” or not. Look in the bible. Let the bible be your mirror. Let God be your mirror. In Galatians 5:22 are listed the fruit of the spirit, the things that God finds beautiful, and ironically there is nothing in there about complexion, weight, or clothes but instead “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness”. If you are able to see these in your life, you are on your way to being a beauty that will not fade, and a beauty that brings a smile to God. By trying to mirror God’s character, then you will become a woman of integrity and a woman who knows confidence because she does not live by the worlds standards, but by her heavenly fathers. Think about it, the world’s standards are pretty impossible to meet, but we tire ourselves trying to meet them and find contentment in them. God’s expectations are that you have a beautiful heart, and that you be yourself and happy to do so. What? That is it? Yes it is, and I have found that I would rather run towards something I can actually do, that won’t kill me trying, or beat down my self esteem when I fail. I chose to be a lady of God and a lady of character. I daily have to pursue God’s idea of beauty, and every day I have to ignore what others say around me. It can be difficult, but the reward is a contentment in yourself and a beauty that does not rely on outer appearance.

Beauty is not in a magazine or on your favorite tv show, it is not in the new fashion add of the week, or in a perfect face. It is in satisfaction. Beauty is being satisfied with who you are, what you look like, and then actively pursuing looking not like the world, but like Christ. Pursue having His heart, and I can guarantee that you will obtain a beauty that is described only as ” a lily among the thorns”.