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Hair Styles For Women in Their Forties and Over 40


During the growth of hair it is at its peak condition from the age of twelve years to fourteen years. This stands to reason because this is when the body is at its peak condition releasing hormones, strong cell regeneration and settling into a growth pattern as we become an adult. Everything is working fine at this point in time and the body is in overdrive.

After the age of fourteen, cell regeneration slows gradually as we get older. This has a profound affect on hair as the cell regeneration in the cortex of the hair that depicts pigment, starts to slow down. The slowing of pigment regeneration leads to the hair strand to turn white. Thus, greying of the hair follows.

So for a woman in her forties, choosing a hair style is sometimes based upon necessity rather than choice. Factors are time, maintenance, individual taste and cost to keep the hairstyle looking its best.

When we are younger, long hair holds natural color, shine and health but as we age all this starts to go down hill fast. This is where the hairdresser comes in, to keep our hair looking at its best.

Long hair is very expensive to color, especially the long grey hair as the dyes in the colors are hard to take up into grey hair strands. This means harsher chemical treatment of the hair resulting in poor lifeless and dull hair strands.

On the other hand, shorter hairstyles are easier to color and cheaper to maintain.

Harsh chemical treatments of your hair can be counter-acted by nourishing the hair with serum and deep conditioning treatments. As the hair is short, these treatments can be applied several times from the one container whereas longer hair will require more then one bottle of serum or treatment.

It is for this reason that hairstyles for women in their forties and over 40’s choose a shorter hair cut.

When you consider shorter hairstyles you are considering the cost to maintain healthy hair as well as the time taken for maintenance of the hair Often career women will have shorter hair mainly because it takes less time to set and maintain.

So for the woman in her 40’s considering a new hairstyle the tried and proven short hair style is often the first choice. Short hair on an older woman is accepted in society and there is no greater fashion statement then hair that is colored and healthy.

Radiant shiny hair sets the fashion trend amongst career women and the woman who just wants to look great.