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How to Find the Perfect Winter Scent


Winter is prepping to rear its ugly head, and we are sure you’re prepared; wool cardigans, mittens, and scarves are all musts, but have you considered your winter fragrance? The light, sweet scents of spring and summer simply don’t work with the bitter cold of winter and finding the perfect scent for fall, and winter is a beauty-must. Many women don’t understand why they can’t use their Marc Jacobs Daisy for all seasons…the answer? Weather does affect the way our perfumes smell; hot weather tends to intensify scents, which is why lighter scents are perfect. In the winter, a dark musky scent is essential if we want anyone to notice that we smell great.

When you think of winter, what comes to mine? Cinnamon, musky dark scents? Wet leaves? When picking out a scent that’s perfect for cold weather, think dark. Not spooky and evil, but heavier scents like sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla, or Bergamot. Scent’s that are filled with hints of Cedar Wood, Musk, Mandarin flower, and Tonka-Bean can help to make the ultimate cold weather scent. Some of these scents may seem strong, but that’s what you’re looking for; in winter a light scent will be untraceable after only an hour, and a heavy potent scent will last through the frigid trip to the office, or school drop off. A good, high quality scent should last you through several cold seasons, so take time to scout out the scent you love, regardless of price.

A good perfume will last years, and keep its rich dark scents while a cheap version may cost you fifty bucks less, but will be good for one winter before the scent turns sour, and you’re forced to throw it out. Make finding the perfect sensual, dark, scent a fun experience that begins in fall, but lasts a life time.