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Start to See Your Own Beauty Today


It has become the norm in today’s society to see our flaws instead of our beauty. It seems like anytime anyone looks in the mirror anymore all they see is what they would change. They see love handles, they see flab, they see rolls, moles, and freckles. It seems that finding the good in one’s appearance has become an impossibility.

It’s sad really. We place the other people around us on pedestals, while we try to find a rock to hide behind. Then those of us who have managed to find the beauty within ourselves are considered vain and self centered. This is most visible in Hollywood, we pick apart the beauty of the most well known and admired women in the world. But then what are we left with? If these women can be the subject of such scrutiny, with every flaw pointed out on the pages of some tabloid magazine, what is the everyday woman left with?

Women, it’s time to take back our strength and our beauty! No longer shall we be the victims of our own self hatred. It’s time to take action and learn to love ourselves. We women have an immensely powerful combination of strength and beauty within us and in our bodies. It’s time to release our innate power to the world.

So how do you get to the point where you truly love who you are and the body that you live in? You take it one step at a time. Start by noticing at least one thing that you love about yourself every time that you look in the mirror. It’s there somewhere. Maybe you’ll find it in the color of your eyes, in the curve of your shoulders, or the strength of your thighs. It’s there, and you’ll find it.

The next step is to quit your diet. There is no quick fix that will suddenly have you wake up tomorrow at the size of your dreams. It’s about loving yourself as you are right now. If you’re on a diet than you’re telling yourself that you need to lose weight, and the more you tell yourself that you need to lose weight the more weight you have to lose.

Learn how to be healthy eating foods that you love. Find a way to learn how to think and act like one of those naturally thin women that have never counted a calorie in their lives. You know the ones, you may have silently resented them your whole life and now it’s time to become one. Being naturally thin is possible, and it is possible for you.

The next step is to treat your body like it is the love of your life. You want your best relationship in the world to be the one you have with your own body. It’s time to end the war we women have been raging on our bodies. We and our bodies want the same thing, to be strong, healthy, energized, and at our optimal size. We are far more likely to have that when we work with our bodies than if we work against our bodies.

Now is the time to reestablish your connection with your body. Imagine that you had someone around you all the time telling you how awful you are, how fat you are, that you are worthless, and that you aren’t worth being taken care of. You were constantly neglected by this person, and when ever you did try to speak up, they shoved chocolate cake into you. Your body desperately wants to be heard. However, your body has become so used to the neglect and abuse that you dish out to it on a regular basis that it is shutting you out.

How do you reestablish your connection with your body? Start by listening to and honoring the signals your body gives you. Do you need to sleep? Go to bed? Do you feel like getting fresh air and moving? Go for a walk. Are you hungry? Eat something yummy and enjoy every bite. Are you not hungry? Then don’t eat that doughnut your coworker offered you. Your body is constantly sending you signals that indicate what it needs, start listening to these signals. The more you listen, the easier these signals are to hear.

Another way to reconnect with your body is to start moving it. For me, I connect best with my body when I dance or do yoga. My body loves to dance, and the more I do it the happier my body and I are together. It also tends to do good things for my waist line in fun and natural ways. For you, it may be that you connect with your body on your daily walk or run, playing tennis, or swimming. Discover your favorite way to move your body, and do it consistently. If you’re not sure what activity your body likes best than take some classes and try new things. There is a physical activity out there that you and your body will love to do together.

Finally, take the time and put care in the way that you present yourself to the world. You treat your body with respect when you honor it and dress it nicely. You already know that you feel vastly different when you walk out the door in your favorite outfit with your hair and makeup done, than if you fall out of bed and throw the first thing on that you see.

Fill your closet with clothes that you love and that you look good in. No matter what your current size is, there are clothes that you look good on you and that you feel beautiful wearing. Make wearing these clothes a daily activity and you will boost your confidence and the feelings of you own beauty. Imagine how different your days will go if you start off feeling like the goddess you are. Start today! You deserve to feel beautiful right now.