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Hair Styles For Women Over 40


Hairstyles for women over 40 wishing to change does have its obstacles but the first obstacle to overcome - providing you want to change, of course - is the perfectly natural fear that you may never look the same again. What if I don’t like my new hair style you may think or what if my new hairstyle does not suit me or how can I get my old style back?

This sort of panicking is natural but unfounded. Hairstyles for women over 40 are no more than a series of variations on a simple theme - and it may surprise you to learn that I believe there are actually only nine alternatives. The various patterns can of course be mixed to produce hundreds of different effects, but there are only nine basic cuts, all of which can be grown out or re-styled fairly quickly. So never be afraid of changing your hairstyle.

The only really drastic step as far as changing styles for a women in her forties and older is concerned, is when someone with very long hair decides to have it all cut off. Apart from amazing your friends by having your hair tinted an outlandish color or turning up with a mass of curls when the day before you had completely straight hair, nothing is more dramatic than cutting off ten or twenty years of hair growth, because it will take a long , long time to grow back to that length again.

So think about your decision carefully. If your young you’ll find the decision harder. Your long hair probably suits you and time seems to pass much more slowly and you cannot imagine ever having the patience to wait for it to grow again. If, however, you’ve reached an age when long hair is actually making you look older than you are then it’s time to think about facing those scissors!

As we get older and develop character lines around the face - particularly around the eyes and mouth - long hair tends to emphasise the downward trend of these lines and exaggerate our age. It is for this reason that hairstyles for older women are often shorter and colored with highlights to take the emphasis away from the face.

You can only get away with long hairstyles after a certain age if you can afford to spend a lot of time and a considerable amount of money on your hair. It’s all very well for models and celebrities to wear their hair longer but they have hair stylists at their beck and call. Women in their forties do not have this luxury unless they are very lucky.

So hairstyles decisions for 40+ women wishing to change can not be entered into lightly. Get as much advice as you can from your hairdresser, make sure you have identified your hair type accurately, choose a hairstyle that will work, make sure that you have the right information about caring for your new hair style and remember - the cutting off as a relatively minor event, It’s choosing the right hair style for your new, short hair that is the major one.