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The Latest Trends and Accessories in Commercial Tanning Beds and Salons


For salons wanting to provide their customers with a high-end experience, owners need to provide their clients with a variety of new options and accessories to give them the best treatment possible. The newest accessories for commercial tanning beds make customers comfortable and ensure they have a successful tan. Some of the trends available work with your tanning bed to put your clients on the cutting edge of fashion.

Customer Comfort

Salons often have music playing softly throughout the building. Once you climb in for a tan, however, it is impossible to hear. Give your business an edge over your competitors with in-booth music. Your customers can select their favorite tunes and listen through a set of good quality earphones for a relaxing beauty treatment they will easily get addicted too. One thing to avoid, however, is large covers that will interfere with the quality of the tan.

Hygienic pillows are another must-have for high-end salons. This keeps their head elevated comfortably and supported to ease stress. They come in all shapes, colors, and fabrics, but make sure that you can provide a style that doesn’t slip and can be sanitized easily. You can also offer fashionable versions for sale through your salon.

Fashionable Tans

One of the greatest trends to hit the salon in a long while is tanable tattoos. These arrive in rolls of shapes similar to a sticker. The customers can decide what shape they prefer and apply it to their skin before climbing in for their treatment. Once their time is up, they can get out and remove the sticker to reveal a ‘tattoo’ left behind.

Why not offer clients the benefit of whitening their teeth while darkening their skin? Heat activated gels are now available that remove light staining and discolorations from teeth while they get a great skin tone. Clients will like the ease and convenience of getting two great beauty treatments at ones. For a triple threat, offer UV protection for nails and toenails to maintain great looking manicures and pedicures.


While commercial tanning beds are a safer way to maintain the golden sun-kissed color of summer, too much of it in some places isn’t good. Have disposable and trendy looking goggles available for clients to use if they don’t bring their own. Bonnets to cover their hair is also a wise idea. These accessories will prevent hair from drying out and will keep colored hair from fading. Lastly, be sure to have tubes of UV protection for lips available as well.

For owners wanting to have the best tanning bed salon in town, customers will need an experience that is comfortable, safe, and stylish. These three ingredients are easy and inexpensive to offer and will keep your commercial tanning beds full for years to come.