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Your Options For Body Hair Removal


It’s a little-known fact that women shaving their underarms and legs didn’t become a social norm until the first part of the 20th century. Since then, men and women have come up with some fascinating ways to perform body hair removal. The razor was the first method women used, and still one of the most popular today. The sharp metal blade scrapes against the skin, cutting off hairs at the surface. The hairs grow back relatively quickly, often leaving the skin with itchy, unsightly bumps called “razor burn.”

Wax is another method of body hair removal. This painful process involves smoothing warm wax onto the skin, covering it with a cloth, and then ripping it all off. This serves to rip the hair out at the roots. Though painful, many women still regularly undergo this hair removal treatment. Society marched on, and women eventually started using chemical depilatories to dissolve unwanted body hair. These chemicals may get rid of the hair, but they smell terrible and are environmentally unfriendly. Their caustic nature prevents usage on some parts of the body, meaning that users may still have to shave or wax.

Laser hair removal was discovered by accident, but it quickly became popular. Women rushed out to spend thousands of dollars for the privilege of never having to shave again. Of course, the laser treatments can take months, are uncomfortable, and cost a fortune. Today, body hair removal has reached a new level. Finally Free is a new treatment that uses radio waves to permanently, painlessly, and easily remove unwanted body hair. This is the long-awaited alternative to all of the above techniques. More information is available online at