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Forehead Wrinkles - The Major Cause And Remedies


Forehead wrinkles refers to the furrow-like lines made by the skin on your face when your eye brows are lifted. Now, have you ever observed the skin on your thigh, and wished that your facial skin is also wrinkle-free, and looked as good as your thigh does? I, like many other people, have done that. Interestingly, some people have gone further to ask this question; why should skin on the thigh and the abdomen look better than facial skin in each individual? What accounts for the fact that facial skin does not look as good as skin on the thigh, despite receiving far greater attention and care?

Sincerely, the answer is this: differences in the level of exposure to sunlight. The earlier-mentioned phenomenon is a clear demonstration of this fact. Our faces happen to be much more exposed to direct sunlight than the rest of our bodies, which enjoy the shelter of our clothing. So, facial skin tends to age and wrinkle faster.

Why is Sun bad for the skin?
Now you may argue thus: sunlight helps the skin produce the vitamin D it requires; and I am being told that it causes my skin to age prematurely, and to from a forehead wrinkle on my face. Should I deprive my body of the nourishment it requires by staying away from sunlight? No, you should not. There is a particular time of the day when sunlight is suited for Vitamin D production, and that is the early hours of the morning. At that time, the Ultra Violet (UV) rays (i.e. the sun’s vitamin D producing factor) is low and, hence, appropriate for vitamin D production.

However, as the day proceeds, the UV content of the sun rises to unsafe levels, and it becomes harmful to the skin. Sunlight exposure at this time will damage skin DNA, and alter the chemical make-up of the skin; this leads to loses in skin elasticity, then to wrinkle formation. When facial skin is no longer optimally elastic, it will not be able bounce back after being subjected to facial gestures; this leads to the formation of forehead wrinkles. Moreover, ultraviolet rays cause the proliferation of free radicals in the body. An increased amount of free radicals in the body is a major cause of premature aging, which comes with decline in skin youthfulness.

If you are stuck with an annoying thick forehead wrinkle, you need not worry. It can be totally removed. You have so many options; all you need to do is to choose the one that is most suitable to your budget and preferences. But making a wise choice will not be possible without proper knowledge of these available methods. No, you don’t need a course on cosmetology because of this.