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Natural Itchy Scalp Treatments You Can Make At Home


Got that nasty scalp itch? Need good itchy scalp treatments? Look no further as this information here will tell you what you need to know. No need to buy those expensive and chemical based store bought treatments with all those disclaimers.

You can find all the ingredients you need right in your own home. The information is readily available in your bookstores, online, and a little bit right here.

You don’t have to have skin conditions to actually suffer from an irritated scalp. Just a little bit of shampoo left in your hair can make your scalp itch. There are great homemade itchy scalp treatments to relieve the irritation and discomfort. An old method is using vinegar with water. Just 3 tablespoons in a cup of warm water applied properly can help out. This method is great for bringing the PH balance in your hair and on your scalp.

The use of oatmeal on your head is one of many good scalp treatments. You take about 6 cups of water and boil it adding 10.5 tablespoons of rolled oats and simmer it for a half hour. Then you strain the water and mix with rosemary oil or the water from boiling rosemary stalks. Dab this on and in 10 minutes rinse off. It’s a relieving way to get rid of that sore feeling in your scalp.

Before then next method is discussed, it is important to know some precautions you can take to avoid getting itchy scalp to begin with. Itchy scalp treatments are great when you need them but here are some steps to take when you want to avoid them.

The first thing is get plenty of sleep. 8 hours of sleep regenerates & heals your body. Also maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The nutrients and vitamins in healthy food help prevent itchy scalp. Don’t use hair lotions and things that can potentially dry your hair and keep your scalp clean my shampooing regularly but not too excessively. Lastly, exercise. This activity is great for cycling toxins and potentially bad things out of your body and hair.

Back to the home remedies and itchy scalp treatments. Some oils that can help with itching scalp are peppermint oil and tea tree oil. Simply pouring a few drops of either oil into small container of warm water and applying it after you shampoo helps a lot. You can also mix tea tree oil, neem oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil in a olive or almond oil. Massage it into your scalp and it will relive and soothe your scalp.

There are many more methods to choose from and all these things can be purchased at the grocery store or some convenience stores. You can definitely find them at natural food stores and health stores. These homemade scalp treatments are a money saver and are a natural way to cure irritated scalp from itch and sometimes even fungus.