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How to Protect Your Lips From the Sun


So when you go out to the beach you would normally apply sun block to parts of your body that is exposed to protect it from the sun right? But you have neglected a spot that is also exposed to the sun a lot. Your lips also need to be protected from the sun as well or they will get damaged. The products that you can purchase that has lip SPF are lip balm, chap stick, lip stick, liquid lipstick, and lip gloss. All of these products can contain lip SPF and you will be smart to buy it if you are going out into the sun.

You can buy all of those products at almost any retail store. Any local store will even have them. If you go grocery shopping your local grocery store will most likely have a shelf for all these lip products. Its a really common product and not hard to find at all. And in the rare case you do not have a local store that sells lip products then you even have the choice of buying it online and having it shipped directly to you! So there is not an excuse to not use products with lip SPF!

All these products will come in a lot of variety. So you will have a lot of choices. They come in many different flavors! from fruity to sweet. So you can choose any flavor that you like. Along with colors they come with a lot of flavors to choose from. They also come with different amounts of sun protection so be mindful of that.