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Removing Lice and Nits


Mostly, it is children who get lice and nits because they play under the sun and they cannot observe frequent washing of their hair unless their parents really urge them to do so.

Lice lay packets of eggs that are known as nits. All one has to do to remove the lice is to purchase the organic remedy which can be applied on the head. One can choose to use the common chemical treatments available or any of the new ointments which are quite effective.

If organic substances such as citronella and mint oil extracts are applied, one can expect that the effect will require some time for the lice to disappear. But regular chemical products for removing lice and nits are a one shot deal. They disappear instantly. With the organic substances, the nits have to be handled after the lice have been eradicated which will prove complicated and time-consuming than the actual lice treatment.

One must buy a lice and nits removal comb. No matter how close the teeth are in a standard hair comb, the lice and nits won’t come off. The removal comb is specially designed to remove the lice and nits. It will take quite a long time to go through the hair of a child and methodically use the comb section by section. One can clean the comb in a bowl of water so he or she will see how many nits end up floating in it.

The use of Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser has been suggested by one who had tried it. This can be purchased in any store that sells skin care products. It is a thick lotion which is almost odorless and can be used on any skin type. One can apply this on dry hair after using a metal lice comb to remove nits. Divide hair into small sections. Every strand of hair should be coated. Apply Cetaphil directly to the scalp to cover all the louse possible. It should be used liberally then one should massage the hair to spread the lotion evenly. A regular comb should next be used to remove excess lotion. A hair dryer must be used so that the Cetaphil will dry in the head and hair, including the lice.

Cetaphil is left on the hair for 8 hours. This can possibly be done before bedtime. After doing so, wash and dry hair. A metal lice comb should be used once more to comb out remaining nits. This should be repeated 3 times in one-week intervals.