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Looking for Hair Extensions?


Hair Extension or Integration is a method of adding length to human hair. Having long hair with the help of extensions for a special event acts as a great alternative than growing your hair out. By this method we can even conceal thinning or hair loss in some areas.

These extensions are available in natural as well as in synthetic fibers. Among the two, synthetic hair is the cheaper one and is available in a wide range of textures and colors to choose from. The only demerit of this is that it cannot withstand hot temperatures and so it cannot be straightened or curled. Whereas human hair or natural hair is available in many grades and they can washed and curled just like your original hair.

So, to add length, volume and texture all you need to do is purchase hair extensions. After your purchase you need to prep the extension. First wash your natural hair and apply a gel so that it will reduce frizz and will be able to hold a curl. If you are doing all this by yourself then it’s recommended that you buy a hair extension system which already has clips attached to wefts and is ready to be placed in your hair. Clip in hair extensions are instant and can be fitted at home itself. While purchasing take care that the clips are strong enough and are pressure sensitive so that they prevent slipping. They should even be of a muted color so that they are undetectable.

Or, you can even purchase a long weft of hair all of the same length and then go to a professional hair stylist who will cut them so that it blends better with your natural hair. But be sure that the stylist you choose is an experienced one otherwise he may end up damaging your scalp permanently.