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Choices - Appearance Or Personality


There is a quote that says “It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.” Indeed this is so true! There are millions of beautiful people that pass by each day in our lives that will catch our attention but only a few whom we will always cherish and love. Although it is true that the first thing that people would notice is your looks but no matter how “dazzling” the display may be, there must be something deeper in a person that will make the relationship. After all, it is not good looks that makes a relationship works but it is the person within.

In our society today because of so much exposures either on TV commercials, magazines, and even the Internet, physical beauty is given so much importance. Advertisements on beauty care, hair care even enhancements of the body gives the public the notion that physical beauty is easily within reach. Thus, people tend to spend so much trying to improve and maintain physical appearance. Sadly, no beauty products can totally stop lines from forming on faces nor prevent the sagging of the skin and bulges from appearing. If physical beauty is indeed the important factor to have a lasting relationship then every relationship is doomed to fail. If you have a partner that keeps bugging you to change your appearance, maybe it is time to check on the relationship you have. Anyone who is not happy with your physical appearance doesn’t have your interests at heart. This is attitude is unhealthy, demeaning and can dent your self esteem.

The truth is, there is no perfect face or body. It would be quite boring if everyone fits the same mold-beautiful and sexy. We are all made differently and no matter how one looks, ultimately it is the personality of the person that makes them distinct and unique. A lot of men would say what attracted them at first when meeting a girl would be their looks but gets turned off once they discover the girl to be shallow and boring. They would want someone whom they can relax and talk with, someone who is intelligent and interesting. This is personality. It is the person inside the physical package. The person becomes more beautiful in time because as we grow older our personalities become more refined. The rough edges of youth is smoothened over time. Through the many challenges of life, the person within becomes a classic beauty. This is the factor that will make relationship lasts.

What is important then? Appearance or personality? You choose.