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Tattoo Removal Before and After


One might love the look of their newly inked body part but over time as the ink fades and their body changes the excitement and thrill might slowly fade and turn into a disband and a hate for their tattoo. Looking in the mirror at their once beautiful work of art they now see nothing more than a discolored blotch of skin. After a conversation with a friend about the regret they feel in having gotten the tattoo they decide to look up options and pictures of tattoo removal before and after to see if tattoo removal is an option for them.

Removal Information

Educating yourself on the process of a removing your tattoo and what you can expect the area to look like after the process is complete will help affirm or rethink your proceeding. Depending on what removal method you use the cost is something to be considered as well as the healing time. Before moving forward with your removal plans, consider the following information about tattoo removal before and after:

  • Tattoo removal might be possible through laser, cutting it out (excision), dermabrasion or tattoo removal cream
  • The lighter the ink the harder the ink is too target
  • Ethnicity plays a role in tattoo removal. The darker the skin the more likely there is to have skin color alteration. A patch of lighter skin might overtake where the removed tattoo was
  • Tattoo removal is not always a quick fix. Depending on the size and location of the tattoo multiple visits may be needed to insure the tattoo vanishes.

Something that might have seemed like such an easy fix is now complicated when you consider all the information that goes into having it removed and the look of the tattoo before vs. the look of the tattoo afterwards.

Removal Options

Earlier in the article we mentioned a variety of removal possibilities; Laser, Excision, Dermabrasion and Removal creams. To help clarify each of the removal options an explanation will be given to help you decide if and which option is best for you.

Laser - a series of session in which lasers penetrate the skin to break up the ink that has planted itself on the second layer of your skin. This process is painful and will require multiple visits.

Excision - is a surgical procedure I where the tattoo is literally cut out of your skin. Depending on the size and location of tattoo this could be a onetime visit or in the worst case scenario a skin graft will be needed from another part of your body to cover up the chunk that was removed.

Dermabrasion - is a series of skin peel treatments that peels back layer after layer of skin till all ink fragments have been removed.

Fade Cream - tattoo removal creams can be done at home are pain free but might not guarantee complete removal. Wrecking Balm uses a combination of an FDA approved device with specially formulated creams to achieve maximum results.

Depending on your desired tattoo removal before and after look select an option and good luck!