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Flat Top Haircut - Easy Steps and Tips


A flat top haircut, also known as a crew cut, is very simple to do at home or at the hands of a professional stylist. It requires continual up keep to maintain the shape and trim without looking over grown. This style works well for men and tends to really bring out the face. On occasion, women have also chosen to adorn this hair cut style. Although a flat top hair cut usually works well with most hair types, curly or bushy may be a challenge.

If you plan to try a flat top hair cut at home than most likely you will need a good set of clippers, a skinny comb at least eight to ten inches in length and sharp hair cutting shears. A pair of mirrors will be needed if you plan to give yourself the haircut. Adjustable clippers are the most convenient as they can make fading easier to accomplish than clippers with detachable fixed sized blades.

The close cut is the first step. With just the blade and no comb attachments, shave your head all the way around from the nape of the neck to where the back of your head begins to curve towards the top. Shave up the sides till the cut is level with your temples. You should now have a nice shave line from temple to temple all the way around your head.

Now it is time to fade up. This is where adjustable clippers come in handy. With the blending comb or quarter inch attachment fastened to the blade on your clipper, begin trimming up and away from the shave line with short quick movements. The movement is more wrist action than arm action. With some practice over time, it should come more easily. Use the blade adjusting lever on the clipper to slowly increment cutting distance. If done properly, the shave line should eventually be absorbed in the transition from shaved scalp to protruding hair.

The top is probably the easier portion of a flat top hair cut. Damp hair is best to ensure the overall consistency of the look. With hair slightly damp and comb in hand, brush hair up in the comb and then run your clippers across the top of the comb. The comb should be flat and parallel to the top of the head working from the front to the back. A quarter inch to half an inch distance from the top of the scalp is a common length for the flat top haircut. The high and tight version of the flat top hair cut, common amongst military and law enforcement personnel, usually incorporates additional fading from the back of the head all the way over the crown into the top of the hair. Any loose stray hairs can be trimmed with the shears.

If you are not ready to try your own hand at giving a flat top haircut, then leave it to your professional hair stylist or barber. They may also be able to provide some useful tips and pointers to help you out when you are ready.