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Sunless Tanning - The Summer Will Fade Away Soon But Your Sun-kissed Tan Doesn’t Have to!


Sunless tanning is the most popular and effective option if you are one of the throngs of thousands looking for the tanned nirvana. The secret of the success of sun-in-a-bottle products and services is the simple fact that it addresses your dream of looking sexier and sultrier minus the risks involved of getting under the sun.

The negative attractiveness issues and confidence barriers brought by being too pale are the main problems busted by sunless tanning. It gives you the natural color you desire, minus the time and effort it would normally require.

To get an attractive even and golden tan, the most conventional approach before sunless tanning is to bake outdoors, but the dangers of developing skin cancer and other skin related disorders cannot be ignored. In fact, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer encountered in the United States, plus it has been proven that overexposure to the sun changes skin texture and elasticity, not to mention is also responsible for the development of freckles and age spots. The mere facts that sunless tanning eludes all this harm make it an easy, widely-accepted choice.

Of course, these skin challenges can also be addressed by using sunscreens, but these days, who has the time to sunbathe, better yet, what if you want a year-long tan? Most certainly, sunless tanning is the solution to get that beach body, which is sizzling and sun-kissed all over.

The popularity of sun in a bottle has given rise to a lot of self-tanning products and services that are both safe and effective. Today’s sun tanning merchandise has moved a long way from its early days when the first sunless tanning lotion was introduced in the 60s that gives you that slightly off orange look. The options available today offer you a sunless tan that is very life-like and also even.

Of course, since these products and services are only a form of first layer skin coloring, it still does not last very long as your skin sheds old cells. The most effective way to continue with your sunless tanning is to reapply the product again after three to seven days.

Sunless tanning products actually work different ways, depending on the chemicals widely active in the formulation. Most use the active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Behind the fancy name, DHA is but a colorless sugar that interacts with your first skin layer that causes the change in color, giving you that gorgeous, golden sunless tan.

Some tanning pills also contain canthaxanthin, a form of food coloring used as an additive. As an effective tanning agent, when it is consumed, the chemical lodges in your skin, giving it the tan you are looking for.